Pre-Season Favorites

I’m really trying to not judge any of the girls yet since episode 1 didn’t air yet…But I can’t help myself. Sadly, most of the time when I have pre-season favorites, they end up being my least favorites. [ex: Erica, Gia, and Demitra from BGC8. Julie and Falen from BGC9, etc.]

For this season, I’m getting a feeling that most of these girls are at least likable at one point. I hope I’m right.

Anyways, my pre-season favorites as of now are Nicole, Paula, and Janae.

I like Nicole because she said she likes “Heavy Metal shows”. She’s a “girly tomboy”. She seems like she’s to herself instead of impressing others. I don’t use Twitter, but based on the BGC fan info, she doesn’t have one. She even said she rather be known as the funny girl instead of the pretty girl. She even has hands and stands up for herself. I don’t know, a lot of things stated in her summary and her actions impress me AND she sounds a lot like me.

Even if you look at the individual/group pictures of the 7 original girls, she pops out to me the most since she’s different. Everyone else [minus Alicia] is wearing black and they all have long-flowing curly hair while she’s in white and wearing her natural short hair.

Paula seems to me like a love child between Tiara and Judi from season 7 and those 2 were my BGC7 favorites. I can’t say much besides that.

And Janae and the first partial Asian girl since horrible Aliea from season 3 [I hate that season as much as season 8]. She’s also blunt in a good way about things though others hate her for it and her drunken behavior. She’ll sadly end up being another Jade from BGC6 though…

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